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The gospel must be preached to all people groups before the Lord returns. This is a mandate that the church must engage urgently. Preaching the gospel and evangelizing in areas where there are no churches and leaving the converted without a pastor to nurture and disciple them or without a building to meet in is fruitless. As we engage new frontiers, it is our goal to plant churches and support them until they can become self-supporting. We have successfully planted churches in the Dominican Republic, Guinea, Burkina Faso, Liberia, Malawi, and South Africa. We are actively supporting church planting efforts in Kenya. Join us in providing the funds to support the work of church planting in the various nations we are working in and in new frontiers as the Lord leads us.

Our Work in N’zerekore, Guinea

Tabernacle of Praise Church in N’zerekore was planted around 2005. In the town of N’zerekore, in the Momolou Quarter, it was difficult to make an inroad into the community and to grow the church. In 2019, we decided at the request of our pastor there, Alouys Solomon Loua, to purchase land outside of the city in a nearby village so that we could start a farming project and move the church there. Pastor Solomon, as we fondly call him, has faithfully engaged in evangelism in the village and the Lord has blessed his efforts. Using the “Jesus Film” and house-to-house evangelism, he has led many people to the Lord in the past 6 months. The church has grown from 10 people to over 60 and it is still growing.


From evangelism to establishing a congregation, Pastor Solomon and his team have worked diligently, with our help, to construct a place of worship for the people. Here are some photos of the temporary structure where the congregation is presently worshipping.

church build

And from the temporary structure to the gathered congregation of Tabernacle De Lounge (Tabernacle of Praise Church), Nakayakpala Quarter, N’zerekore, Guinea.


Guinea is a predominately Muslim nation. Church growth is difficult there; however, all things are possible with God. As we trust Him, we will continue to impact the nation of Guinea and surrounding nations. Please pray for Pastor Solomon and this congregation. If you would like to support please, use the button below to donate. Your support will make it possible for us to do more work in this area and surrounding places. Thank you. We appreciate your prayers and your support.



Our church in Dominican Republic recently went through a full overhaul due to the efforts of donation given to this ministry. Take a look at the work they have done.


The church was dedicated on October 11, 2020. Look at their first service inside of the brand new church.

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