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KCMI serves in multiple capacities in multiple nations. Please select from the list below to see where you can contribute.

sponsor a student

Help us improve the lives of students and teachers learning and living in one of the world’s poorest countries.

burkina faso school build

 TOP School in Boassa has only had an enrollment of 20 students since we began several years ago. This year, the number increase to over 200!

church planting

As we engage new frontiers, it is our goal to plant churches and support them until they can become self-supporting.  We have successfully planted churches in the Dominican Republic, Guinea, Burkina Faso, Liberia, Malawi, and South Africa.

mission travel

Giving to Mission Travel will help offset the cost of travel expenses related to the mission.  This includes transportation, lodging, food, medical (if any), and on-the-ground expenses incurred while in-country. 


General missions include  Pastors & Church Leadership Training Conferences, Pastoral Support, Missionary Support, Support to selected Christian Schools,  medical assistance when possible, and resources for pastors and churches.

orphan concern

Orphans Concern-Liberia is a non-profit, voluntary Liberian Initiative passionate about the welfare of Orphans and Indigent children in the region.

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