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On my recent mission to N’zerekore, Guinea, I was blessed and encouraged by the work of the pastor and church there. God has used our lead pastor, Alouys S. Loua, to expand the ministry from one to six branches of the church over the course of one year.  Of course, this has required a lot of work of him and his team; however, God made it happen.

When we purchased the land and helped build the temporary structure last year, I did not know how things would work out; however, Pastor Solomon assured me that if we purchased the land and moved the church from the town to the village, God would, as he said, “do His own thing.” This is what God did! He did His thing. The church has grown by leaps and bounds. They have outgrown the temporary structure, as you see in the pictures, and need a larger permanent structure. 

Constructing this building will be a major investment in the mission to Guinea, which is a predominantly Muslim nation. It will be a center of worship, training and ministry for all of our churches there and will eventually become a place where children are educated by Christian teachers who have a heart for Christ as we have plans to build an elementary school on the property.

In order to do so, we are seeking churches, organizations, businesses and individuals who will help us with this project. The estimated costs to build is USD $18,000.00. We would like to begin construction of this building as soon as we raise the money and have established the Guinea Church Build Fund for this purpose. 

Will you partner with us to make this happen for our Tabernacle of Praise Church N’zerekore, Guinea? All donations are tax deductible and will be used for the stated purpose.


Take the opportunity and partner with us! Help us build this church in Guinea for the Kingdom to advance.

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