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Updates: Burkina Faso School Build

By: Bishop Alfred Jackson, Pastor | Founder / 01.15.21

The Lord has been good to us! It is a blessing to sow into the lives of others, especially those who are really in need. This school project has been on hold for several years. In the past month, the Lord gave us a breakthrough in the number of students and in finances to finish the work we started in 2015.

Pictured here are the 1st and 2nd-grade classrooms. The inside of the classrooms has been completed, except for painting. Thirty (30) more desks are needed. We also need to stucco and paint the outside of the building, finish the porch, and install toilets.

Now, the BF School Project is progressing. The terrace has been completed, except for painting, blocks have been molded for the wall separating the school from the church, and the toilets are almost completed. Will you help us? Please donate to see the Word progress toward completion.


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